Escape Room Businesses... x3?

We apologize for what seems like a lengthy online absence in the blogging world. It took a very long time, but we are happy to announce that we are now accepting bookings and to date, there has been nothing but positive feedback about our first room, The Parent Trap.

When we first decided to open, we did so with the intention of setting the tone for the city of Hamilton and embracing the other escape room businesses that opened up after us. Unfortunately, due to many issues with permits, we were not the first, but in the long run it doesn't make too much of a difference, because we ultimately ended up in the same place we wanted to be.

Our room may seem slightly different from the other businesses in the city, but it's because we followed our own trend from the beginning. As enthusiasts, we wanted to make sure teams were getting a full hour experience, even if that meant we couldn't cram as many groups into a day. We also wanted the narrative of your situation to dictate the kinds of puzzles and the feel of the room. As I've heard one popular escape room voice say, "It makes no sense to put a laser maze in ancient Egypt" (that was mostly a paraphrase). So as you explore, each puzzle should feel like it belongs in the space. In fact, when we first designed our room 'The Parent Trap' we created a puzzle that we thought would be the first thing everyone solved when they walked into the room. It's obvious and simple, right? As it turns out, it blends so well into the room that most teams overlook it and a few will even require a hint before they look at it (which in turn results in placing their palm firmly to their forehead). It's the beauty of well design puzzle flow and integration.

We love the fact that other escape rooms are opening in the area. What we love more is that they all seem to want to work together to create a positive escape room atmosphere. It's even better for you as enthusiasts because it means that the 3 existing businesses are working together to bring every form of escape room to the city. The Crux has a room that is creepy and dimly lit for the enthusiasts that loves to keep their nerves on edge. Alcatraz has a heist room, for the enthusiast that need to release their inner bad guy. We have a room that allows you to get lost in the story, and is sure to make you laugh at least once or twice (for the enthusiast that just wants to have a good laugh).

When you walk into our lobby, you'll find business cards of other local businesses. We want you to visit them! They have something we don't, and we hope they're offering the same. In the future, I'm hoping to create an Escape Room Crawl across Hamilton, a Puzzle Hunt, or something that brings together businesses across the region. We're all excited to see what happens with escape rooms and room escape adventures over the coming years, and I can almost guarantee you that it will look completely different (in a good way) from what it looks like now.

Cheers, and happy escaping!
-Mike and the team