Escape Rooms and the Custom Experience

We’ve had a few questions recently about our question mark. “Do we pronounce it?” “Why is it there?” “oo… so mysterious!”  Okay, that last comment wasn’t a question, but question no more!  This blog post is devoted to letting you know what it is and why it exists.

When Megan and I sat down to develop our idea for a Hamilton escape room business, a few things became quite clear to us.  One of the biggest clarities was that we wanted our rooms to be immersive.  Gone are the days when you can throw a bunch of lock boxes in a room and tell people to get out (although we’re working on a theme to make that work!).  Instead, the escape room genre is becoming more and more like immersive theatre in which you influence what happens.  That’s why we decided to name our rooms “adventures” and why our name reflects that as well.  We want you to feel like you really have entered another world: realistic, intriguing, interactive.

So let’s get to that mysterious question mark.  It’s a blank. It’s a filler. We want you, as a guest and player of our adventures, to fill in the blank.  That question mark becomes an adjective to describe how your adventure is customized by your presence.  If we were to describe your adventure for you, it would be severely limited by our own descriptor.  While it may not be a choose-your-own adventure in the truest sense of the word, the way a seasoned veteran of escape room would interact with an adventure would be vastly different from someone who has never experienced an escape before.  The choice you make within the room will affect the outcome.  Your attitude and the team you choose will affect your experience.  We want you to be aware of that.

In the end, we hope to have a wall full words, defining each customized adventure.  You can come, play, and define the adventure you had for all to see.  While we may only have two themed adventures to choose from, each time someone plays, it is a different experience.  At least, that's the hope.

So whether you're a puzzle expert, or a beginner to the realm of escape rooms, we have something for you.  We hope you're as excited as we are to have you come and define your own adventure.