Hello World!

Welcome to the next big thing, we hope!  We've spent a large portion of our time planning a Hamilton escape room in secret, but now we want you to be a part of our adventure with us.  What better way to do that than through a blog!  As the people bringing a new type of business to Hamilton, we want everyone to be able to share in the excitement, ask questions, and make this adventure one of their own as well.  To do that, we thought it would be best to share a little bit about who we are:


I suppose I should start by giving you a little background about myself.  I'm an Ontario Certified Teacher, and I love adventure! By the time I was 15 I had already travelled halfway around the world and back on my own, and whenever someone tells me about a challenging new way to play, I'm there.
To complement that, I'm also puzzle fanatic! I seek out ways to stimulate my mind.  I was that kid in school that loved it when the teacher gave bonus questions and extra hard work.  Would I call myself a nerd? Probably. But I think that's what helps me create awesome things.
So I guess you can see why escape rooms kind of fell naturally into my lap.  In fact, my insatiable appetite for new things and drive to solve is what moved me from enthusiast to owner in the first place (I'll talk more about that in another post).
I've also been falling in love with Hamilton piece by piece, so believe me when I say I can't wait to show this city what we've been working on.


If, 5 years ago, you would have told me I’d be opening my own business, I wouldn’t have believed you.  But here I am, 5 years later, and loving it. Creativity and creative writing have always been really strong skills of mine. When I was in grade 4 I wrote my own little “novel” that I forced my friends and family and one of my teachers to read. It was a real thrill ride, if I recall – something about a group of travellers making their way through the wilds and castles Egypt (as I said, creative writing was my strong suit). Since then, my desire to create immersive experiences – once through text, and now through environment – has remained strong. Beyond that, I’ve always had a knack for problem solving. If I’m presented with a problem or puzzle that I can’t solve straight away, I can’t focus on anything else until it’s been solved.
As well, at some point during our room escape adventures I was nicknamed ‘Brute Force,’ a result of me reading a little too into some scuff marks on the wall and ignoring the actual clue I’d been given. Outside of school and starting a business, my weeks will often consist of more puzzles, escape rooms, and somehow, rugby.

So that's us! We hope you're as excited as we are for the arrival of escape rooms in Hamilton.  We think this city is ready for it, and we hope you are too.  Follow along with this blog as we keep you in the know and show you more about the world of The [?] Adventure.

The team,
Mike & Megan