Available adventures:

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The Parent Trap

An adventure for 3-8 people.

Steph is about to return home from an outing with friends. Her parents are convinced that she is hiding something, and have recruited you to find out. Why? Because she is a borderline evil-genius, and she has used every weakness in her parents to prevent them from finding out. You are her parents' last hope of finding out what she is hiding.  Can you work through her puzzles to find the secret hiding in her room? Book now to find out:



An adventure for 6-14 people.

Congratulations! You've been recruited into the secret service. Before your real work begins, you must complete a series of training modules set to specifically test your skills and intelligence as an agent. In this specific exercise, your group will be split into two teams.

As if joining the secret service wasn't difficult enough, the agency has received word that there is a saboteur among your ranks. Now, your mission is twofold:
Priority 1 is to complete the training exercise, but the saboteur will try and stop you.
Priority 2 is to identify the saboteur.

Can you trust your teammates? Can you trust those you can't see? Will the modules prove too difficult? Can you complete the modules within one hour while fending off the saboteur? Or will the saboteur succeed in ensuring that your group fails?


Virtual Reality Arcade

An arcade space: one headset for as many people as you're willing to share with.

Our virtual reality arcade puts you in the centre of the action, with games across all genres, including:

  • comedy
  • horror
  • adventure
  • wave shooter
  • survival
  • artistic
  • cooperative